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October 14 – 15 Fall Conference in Cape Girardeau
The Missouri State Beekeepers Association invites you to join in the fun and education at our in-person or live webinar on Friday and Saturday, October 14 – 15. There will be great speakers, panel discussions, breakout session, good food, and lots of cool beekeeping supplies from national and state vendors. …
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The Bee Informed Partnership Loss Survey
This survey is used by researchers and others to help focus research funds and helps to determine the effectiveness of different treatments. If you have the time take the survey and provide your data.
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Bee Informed
Celebrating BIP: 2021 Silver Linings (And 2022 – Bee More Fun!) As 2021 draws to a close, we here at BIP wanted to take a moment to highlight some of the exciting work we’ve accomplished this year, as we continue our efforts to improve honey bee colony health and survival. Click link to …
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HAS is back!
The Heartland Apicultural Society’s Annual Conference is back for 2022! The conference team developing an agenda and identifying top-notch speakers from across the region (and country) for this long-awaiting conference. The HAS2022 conference – the BUZZ of the Heartland – will be held in the heart of the heartland in Evansville, IN at the University of Southern Indiana Conference …
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Anti Dumping Lawsuit
To all U.S. Beekeepers,   We need your help! We have an urgent need to fight against unfair honey prices  for our domestic honey producers.   The International Trade Commission has ruled that U.S. Honey Producers have  been injured by low imported honey prices (an estimated 381 million pounds of  honey valued at $300 …
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