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Ask MSBA-Frequently-asked questions

By Charlotte Ekker Wiggins,  MSBA Secretary

“I was trying to renew my MSBA membership online but I couldn’t get online….”

Update from the Webmaster: A new, simpler, membership system is now in place. Simply go to the Join MSBA page and join. There is no longer a renew page, versus a join page. So, you don’t have to figure out which one to use. Thanks for supporting the MSBA!


“I am interested in getting into beekeeping. Where do I start?”

Answer: Read as many books as you can to become familiar with the language and beekeeping terminology. Find a nearby beekeeping club and start attending meetings, most clubs also offer beginning classes and can provide you with possible mentors and other assistance. Here is a list of Missouri beekeeping clubs: Local Missouri Beekeeping Clubs


“There’s a bunch of bees hanging off the side of my house and my kids are allergic. Is there someone I can call to come and get them?”

Answer: Sounds like you have a swarm. Beekeepers in your area may be interested in working with you to relocate the bees, here is a list of beekeeping clubs in Missouri that may have swarm removal services: Local Beekeeping Groups

A swarm is not aggressive so if you keep your kids away from them in the interim they will not be harmed.


“I am interested in buying honey for a new meadery. Can you direct me to honey sources?”

Answer:  There are more than 40 beekeeping clubs in Missouri, some with commercial honey sellers. Contact them directly with what you are looking for and include pertinent contact information so they can get back to you. Here is the list of clubs: Clubs that might have honey in your area.


“My brother and I are doing a class project and we need some names for bees. Do all bee names start with a B?”

Answer: My bee queen Harriet would take issue with that assumption, you can name your bees anything you want. Good luck with your class project!



Charlotte Ekker Wiggins is a 7-year beekeeper and

advanced master gardener living in Rolla, Mo.

and blogs about beekeeping at homesweetbees.com.