Anti Dumping Lawsuit

To all U.S. Beekeepers,  

We need your help! We have an urgent need to fight against unfair honey prices  for our domestic honey producers.  

The International Trade Commission has ruled that U.S. Honey Producers have  been injured by low imported honey prices (an estimated 381 million pounds of  honey valued at $300 million was imported in 2020 alone). Adding insult to injury,  these honey imports are often adulterated with “extenders” that affect the quality  of the product which negatively reflects on those of us who take pride in our pure  U.S. honey. 

We at the American Beekeeping Federation (ABF) recognize the urgent need to  get behind the anti-dumping lawsuit, and we are asking for your financial  support!  

Would you consider a donation in one of the following amounts?  

• $.05/pound of your 2020 production – suggested for commercial  beekeepers 

• $.12/pound of your production if you averaged over $4.00 per pound – suggested for serious sideliner beekeepers  

• $300 which is equivalent to the cost of setting up one hive – suggested for  small-scale/hobbyist beekeepers  

• Or a donation of your choosing: no gift is too large or too small! 

To win this lawsuit, we need to make a strong, distinctive statement. Our message  is that we will NOT stand for our market to be adversely impacted by cheap  or adulterated honey. We are a small community doing a big job. We all need to  do the RIGHT thing to:  

• protect the integrity of honey 

• establish fair market trade 

• get a fair price for U.S. Honey 

• educate the public to “know where your honey comes from” 

You can donate online to the Honey Defense Fund at 

Thank you for your continued support of the ABF and the industry it represents.

Joan Gunter, President American Beekeeping Federation 

Dan Winter, Vice President American Beekeeping Federation 

P.S. Successful Cases Tend to increase Market Prices by Eliminating Unfair  Trade. After the domestic industry filed and won an Anti-dumping and  Countervailing Duties case against honey imports from China and Argentina in  2000-2001, domestic raw honey prices for white honey steadily increased from  $0.56/pound to $1.40/pound by 2003. While it is not possible to predict the exact price impact of the case, there is every reason to believe that the new case should  have a similar positive impact on domestic raw honey prices. Please send your donation today to support the anti-dumping/fair trade lawsuit!

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