Missouri State Beekeepers Association 

As Amended by the Membership on October 10, 2020 

Note: A single amendment was approved on 10/10/2020, which added an additional subsection C to Article 4,  Section 5 (text is shown in bold typeface in that section). 

Article 1: Name 

The name of this organization, a not-for-profit association, shall be the MISSOURI STATE BEEKEEPERS  ASSOCIATION, also named herein as the “Association”. 

Article 2: Purpose 

Section 1: The purpose of the Missouri State Beekeepers Association is to engage in any and all activities that  will promote the common interests of beekeepers, and the general welfare of beekeeping, in the State  of Missouri. 

Section 2: To realize these purposes, this Association’s objectives shall be: 

A. To promote and solicit individuals to the beekeeping industry. 

B. To be an instrument of education to future and established beekeepers. 

C. To be a proponent of adequate laws for the protection of beekeeping. 

D. To help establish new beekeeping associations throughout the state of Missouri. 

E. To encourage and support existing regional beekeeping associations in Missouri. 

F. To be an active advocate of national beekeeping industry. 

G. To be an avenue of information between the national beekeeping industry and the beekeepers in the  State of Missouri. 

Section 3: This association is organized exclusively for the charitable, scientific, and/or educational purposes  within the meaning of the above stated objectives.  

Article 3: Basic Policies 

The following are the basic policies of the Missouri State Beekeepers Association: 

A. The Association shall be noncommercial, non-sectarian, and nonpartisan. 

B. The Association shall work with local and national beekeeping organizations to promote the  beekeeping industry and shall seek to participate in the decision making process establishing  beekeeping policy for the betterment of all beekeepers. 

C. Social Media. The Association recognizes that the internet provides unique opportunities to  participate in interactive discussions, marketing and share information on topics using a wide variety  of social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and wikis. However, the Board also understands  that the use of MSBA’s social media can pose risks to its reputation. To minimize these risks, the  Board: 

i. Will post items that support Association’s purpose and objectives. This includes links to  the MSBA website. 

ii. Will remove postings that are not consistent with Association’s purpose and objectives. iii. Will not promote personal or business views. 

iv. Appoint a member of the Board to administer the site(s). Those providing site  

administration will not alter (example: name change) or remove the site without being  directed to by the Board.

D. No part of the net earnings of the Association shall inure to the benefit of, or be distributed to its  members, directors, and officers or other private persons, except that the Association shall be  authorized and empowered to pay reasonable compensation for services rendered and to make  payments and distributions in furtherance of the purposes set forth in Article 2. 

E. Upon dissolution of this organization, after paying or adequately providing for debts and obligations  of the Association, the remainder of the assets shall be placed in a trust fund at the University of  Missouri-Columbia, or other educational institution dedicated to research in apiculture. 

F. This Association shall keep such permanent books of account and records as shall be sufficient to  establish the items of gross income, receipts, and disbursement of the Association, including  specifically, the number of its members. Such books of the account and records shall at all  reasonable times be open to inspection by the membership and the Board 

G. This Association shall keep such permanent books of minutes of meetings of the Board, standing  committees, and general business meetings as shall be sufficient to establish amendments to these  by-laws, the vote for the election of officers and the business policies and activities of the  Association. 

H. This Association shall collect dues from its members to provide for its objectives in Article 2. I. Eligibility for any office shall be restricted to those who paid dues during the preceding year. J. The membership year shall consist of the twelve (12) months following payment of membership  dues. 

K. Membership in this Association shall consist of those individuals who have paid annual dues to the  Missouri State Beekeepers Association. 

L. General Membership Meetings of this Association shall be at least one (1) per calendar year. All  meetings shall include an educational program and business agenda. 

M. The by-laws of this Association may only be revised and/or amended by both a two-thirds (2/3) vote  of the Board followed by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the members present at a regular meeting of the  Association, provided members present are not less than thirty (30). Announcement of this member  meeting and the proposed change must be published in the Association newsletter or other suitable  medium (i.e. email, website) thirty (30) days prior to the meeting date. 

N. The rules contained in Robert’s Rules of Order (revised) shall govern this Association in all cases to  which they are applicable and in which they are not inconsistent with these by-laws. 

Article 4: Leadership Positions and Elections 

Section 1: The MSBA Board of Directors shall consist of: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer,  Past President, Communications/Marketing Chair, Membership Chair, Program Chair, State Fair  Chair, Queen/Ambassador Chair, and Six Regional Directors. 

Section 2: The Executive Committee shall consist of: President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Section 3: Each officer shall be a member in good standing of the Missouri State Beekeepers Association. 

Section 4: Candidates for office shall be placed in nomination by the Nominating Committee. Candidates may  also be nominated from the floor. 

A. Candidates for office, except for President, shall be chosen from the general membership. B. All officers shall be elected by paper ballot; however, if there is but one nominee for any office, the  ballot may be by voice or hand vote. No vote shall be by proxy. 

Section 5: In order for an individual to qualify for nomination as PRESIDENT of the Missouri State  Beekeepers Association, the individual, in addition to the qualifications stated in Article 4, sections 3 and 4, must: 

A. Have held any position on the Board for two (2) years prior to nomination.

B. Have a ninety percent (90%) attendance record at the meetings of the Board and the general  meetings of the Association; (an excused absence may count as attendance at a meeting. An excused  absence may only be given by the President and for reasons of family death, personal illness, or to  attend national beekeeping concerns.) 

C. If the candidate for President (i.e., Vice-President) has not served on the Board for a full two (2)  years prior to being elected to, or assuming the Office of President, the Board may grant a waiver  to the qualification requirement with a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of the Board. 

Section 6: Tenure 

A. The President, Vice President, and Past President shall serve a term of two (2) years. B. All other officers and directors shall serve a term of at least one (1) year. 

Section 7: Vacancies 

A. Board: When a vacant office exists, the President shall appoint individuals according to the  qualifications outlined in these By-laws until the next general meeting of the Association when an  individual shall be nominated and elected to the unexpired term of the office. 

B. In the case of the President, the Vice President of this association shall fill the vacant office of the  Presidency until the Nominating Committee can offer a candidate to the general membership for  election. This individual will serve the unexpired term. 

Section 8: Installation of officers shall take place at the general meeting closest to the time their term begins. 

Section 9: Any officer of this Association who has violated the terms of this office according to these By-Laws may be removed from office by recommendation of the Board and a vote of agreement by the membership. A motion to remove the individual from office may also be made from the floor at any  meeting. Proof of the violation(s) must be substantiated. 

Section 10: Local Association Representatives 

Each local Association may elect, from their membership, one (1) representative to the Association  each year to be present at Board meetings when possible to represent their local association and  serve at the pleasure of the President. 

Article 5: Duty of Officers 

Section 1: The President shall: 

A. Preside as Chair at all meetings of the Board and the membership; 

B. Coordinate and oversee the work of the officers and committees of the Association in order that  objectives may be promoted; 

C. Decide all questions of order according to the By-Laws of the Association. 

D. Appoint all committees and vacancies as provided in these By-Laws or as requested by the  Association; 

E. And perform such other duties as may be prescribed in these By-Laws or assigned by the  Association. 

Section 2: The Vice President shall: 

A. Perform the duties of the President in his/her absence; 

B. Assume the office as the new President following the expiration of the term of the President. C. And shall be the Chair of the Nominating Committee. 

Section 3 The Secretary shall

A. Record the business transactions, votes, and elections including each meeting’s agenda of the Board and the general meetings of this Association; 

B. Conduct the correspondence of the Association; 

C. File and preserve all papers belonging to the Association according to Article 3 of these By-Laws; D. Transfer all records, documents, and roster of Association members to his/her successor. 

Section 4: The Treasurer shall 

A. Act as financial officer of this Association having custody of all funds; 

B. Keep a full and accurate account of all receipts and expenditures and be responsible for the  maintenance of books; 

C. Deposit all monies received by the Association in a bank designated by the Board; D. Make such disbursements from the funds of the Association as are authorized by the Board and these  By-Laws; 

E. Present a financial statement at every meeting of the Association and when requested by the Board and the membership; 

F. And present the Association’s financial records to the elected auditor and/or committee at the end of  the fiscal year. 

Section 5: The Program Chair shall: 

A. Be responsible for developing educational programs for each meeting of the Association; B. And serve the President and Association as directed. 

Section 6: The Membership Chair shall: 

A. Maintain a record of the members, contact information and membership status; 

B. Develop programs to promote membership of the Association; 

C. Assist the Board and members in matters dealing with membership in the Association. 

Section 7: The Communications/Marketing Chair shall

A. Be responsible for publishing a newsletter on the Association’s Website and mailing it to the  members who do not have access to social media (membership chair will advise) and at the discretion of  the Board; 

B. Maintain a portfolio of all published newsletters of the Association, and include in each newsletter:  information from the Board, the dates of the Association’s meetings, programs and events, a condensed  version of the spring and fall business meetings, news and notices from regional associations and news  pertaining to the beekeeping industry. 

Section 8: The Directors shall 

A. Help execute all matters of the Board; 

B. Use their experience and expertise to set policies of this Association, to review policy and  amendment change presented by the membership; 

C. Report to the past President and be assigned to a region of the state by the direction of the Past  President. 

D. And serve the President and Association as directed. 

Section 9: The Past President shall: 

A. Serve as coordinator of the directors. 

B. Serve as an adviser to the President and Vice President. 

Section 10: All officers of this Association shall transfer all records of their office, which shall include a detailed report on their activities, to their predecessor at the end of their tenure.

Article 6: Duties of the MSBA Board 

Section 1: The President shall be chair of the Board. 

Section 2: The duties of the Board: 

A. To review and recommend to the President, questions on policy and Association activities. 

B. To receive recommendations of the Association for proposed activities, policy changes, and/or  amendments to these By-Laws. 

1. These recommendations shall be in writing. 

2. The Board shall recommend to the Association their endorsement or rejection of each  recommendation by the next general meeting of the Association. 

C. All recommendations for policy changes and amendments to these By-Laws must be presented to the  Board for their research and decision of endorsement or rejection before presented to the Association  for a vote. 

Section 3: The Board shall designate, when needed, a bank in which funds of the Association are to be  deposited, create an annual budget, oversee fund raising activities, and report the financial health of  the Association at each meeting. 

Section 4: It shall report interim activities to the membership at each meeting with recommendation for  approval of the members assembled. 

Section 5: The Board shall regularly meet to carry out the business of the Association as prescribed by the  Purpose and Objectives in Article 2. 

Article 7: Standing Committees 

Section 1: The standing committees of this Association shall be the Program Committee, the Nominating  Committee, the Auditing Committee, and the Queen/Ambassador Committee

A. Members of these committees shall be appointed by the President with approval by the Board. B. The President shall appoint such other committees as are needed with the approval of the Board. 

Section 2: Program Committee 

A. The Program Chair shall chair all meetings of the committee. 

B. This committee is responsible for all planning of the programs presented to the membership at each  meeting and for all activities necessary to carry out this responsibility. 

C. The committee is responsible for prudently disbursing the budget for programs and for maintaining  records and receipts of such disbursements. 

Section 3: Nominating Committee 

A. The Vice President shall chair all meetings of this committee. 

B. The Vice President may appoint a body of three (3) members or more (in odd numbers). C. Shall report their nominations for offices of the Association at the fall meeting each year. D. Shall keep their meetings confidential. 

E. Shall nominate only those individuals who qualify under the provisions of these By-Laws and who  have agreed to serve the Association. 

Section 4: Auditing Committee 

A. Shall be appointed by the President. May be a body of at least three (3) members, one (1) of the  members being the incoming Treasurer.

B. The outgoing Treasurer is not to be a member, but make himself available for questions by the  committee. 

C. This committee is to audit the financial books of this Association for the previous year. D. Any discrepancies found in the audit are to be reported to the President after reasonable questioning  of the Treasurer. 

E. The report of this committee is to be presented to the Board 

Article 8: Membership and Dues 

Section 1: Membership in this Association shall consist of those interested in, or engaged in, beekeeping and  paying dues as provided in these By-Laws. 

Section 2: The membership year shall consist of the twelve (12) months following payment of membership  dues. 

Section 3: Membership in the Association shall cease upon failure to pay dues thirty (30) days after expiration  of membership dues, or failure to conform to the By-Laws of the Association. 

Section 4: Membership allows an individual the privilege: 

A. To vote in any election and on any motion put forth at the meeting; 

B. Of recommending policy and amendment change; 

C. Of recommending Association activities; 

D. Of holding office; 

E. And of receiving the Association newsletter. 

Section 5: Membership dues shall be in an amount as determined by the Board 

Article 9: Awards 

The Board shall consider and select as agreeable a Missouri State Beekeepers Association member to receive  the Beekeeper of the Year Award. This award may be given to an individual with the following attributes: A. Do the most to promote the art of beekeeping 

B. Promote membership in the Association 

C. Promote the Association 

D. Publicize beekeeping and introduce the art of beekeeping to prospective future beekeepers E. Be an active member in good standing in the association 

F. Special awards may be given at the discretion of the Board 

Article 10: By-Laws Review 

The By-Laws of this Association shall be reviewed for revision every five (5) years beginning in the year 2015,  or as deemed necessary by the Board. The review/revisions shall be performed by a group of Board and general  members in good standing with the Association.