Welcome to the Missouri State Beekeepers Association!!

If you are a current member, we want to thank you for being a part of MSBA! If you are considering joining us, the list below gives you an idea of how MSBA money (dues and donations) work and offers opportunities for your involvement:

  • Two educational conferences each year (online registration discounts available to members only) with speakers that are nationally known beekeeping experts.
  • MSBA’s educational booth at the Missouri State Fair. Additional prize money is awarded to members that enter and win in all competition categories with your beekeeping products.
  • 6 Newsletters a year.
  • An opportunity to be placed on the MSBA website Swarm Catchers list/map.
  • An opportunity to be placed on the MSBA website Local Honey finder list/map.
  • Randy Oliver’s research (Scientificbeekeeping.com).
  • Samuel Ramsey, PhD research (https://www.drsammy.online/media-2).
  • American Honey Producers Association.
  • American Beekeeping Federation.
  • Heartland Apicultural Society.

For questions or comments please contact Membership Chair

Membership: How to Renew or Join?

If you are looking to renew your membership OR if you are ready to become part of MSBA, the information below should help get the process started.


  1. Paying by credit card or PayPal: Log into your MSBA account (individual or family) with your “user name” (firstname_lastname), fill in the blanks and complete the payment process by clicking on the PayPal button where you will have the option to pay by PayPal OR credit card. If you cannot remember your username or password, click on the lost password link (bottom of this page) and follow the prompts.
  2. Pay by check: 
    1. Individual or Family memberships: Log into your account, fill in the blanks, select the pay by check box, and mail in your check. 
    2. Group Memberships: If you have a group renewal, have each member of your group log into their account, fill in the blanks, select the pay by check. When all have completed the process, your group leader can send your group list and check payable to Missouri State Beekeepers Association or MSBA to:

Tammy Tappana, MSBA Treasurer| 7130 NW State Route 92 | Smithville, MO 64089

Joining or Re-joining (individual, family, or group)

It is very similar to the renewal process, except you will be establishing your own user name.

Main Group

You can only choose one level from this group.

Individual Membership

$15.00 now.

Membership expires after 1 Year.

Family Membership

$25.00 now.

Membership expires after 1 Year.