Background: Local beekeeping clubs and other public associations oftentimes look to MSBA for knowledgeable beekeepers to speak to their groups. MSBA knows there are many knowledgeable beekeepers in Missouri and is willing to help link those looking for information to those interested in providing information.

Intent: To build a list of knowledgeable and willing speakers to be posted on the MSBA website. MSBA will not review speaker presentation(s) but does reserve the right to remove a speaker from this list based on “customer feedback.” The list will be the only instrument of communications between those wanting a speaker and those willing to speak. Any and all expenses and/or compensation are between the person/group and the speaker. MSBA will NOT get involved in any disputes over compensation.

Note: Speakers are expected to promote (or have knowledge of) MSBA best practices, and you must be a current MSBA member to sign up as a speaker. If you have any questions, please contact Kyle Day by clicking here or you can call him at (816) 654-5287.

If you’d like to be a speaker, please fill out the form below.